Venezuelan MLB Stars Speak Out Against Socialism's Ills

"They're killing us and taking away our future."

The American Left loves the socialist system, primarily because few if any of its members ever had to live under it. Perhaps, then, they should listen to Venezuelan major league baseball players who are speaking out against the socialist regime ravaging their country and its people. Newsbusters summarizes the highlights: 

The Chicago Tribune, USAToday, The Huffington Post, Associated Press, Deadspin and others are giving platforms to major league baseball players from Venezuela who are bravely speaking out against the repression of President Nicolas Maduro's armed para-military crackdown on anti-government protests. Dozens of people have been killed protesting (some violently, some peacefully) the president and many of the staggering problems that come with socialism: crime, economic woes, food and medical shortages and more.

ESPN’s Spanish-speaking website, ESPN Desportes features a video of several current and former Venezuelan stars expressing their concerns.

The Chicago Times quoted Atlanta Braves’ outfielder Ender Inciarte saying, "They're killing us and taking away our future."  

Former Cleveland Indians’ all-star shortstop Omar Vizquel, in an interview with Caracas’ Exitos FM radio station said: "I feel very sad for everything that's happening in my country today. We don't want to see the sort of violence that's taking place in our streets."

Ted Berg, of USAToday, reported Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Francisco Cervelli “has been especially vocal, taking to social media with messages for Venezuela and the world. In one instagram post, showing a protester in a Guy Fawkes mask holding a sign that translates to, ‘Do we call it a dictatorship or not yet?’ Cervelli calls upon the United Nations Human Rights Office and Pope Francis to visit his home country.”

Detroit Tiger slugger Miguel Cabrera said, “It’s a hard time right now. They’re fighting for food. They’re fighting for a better life. They’re fighting for everything, for medicine. Somebody’s got to step up… because people are dying in Venezuela.”

For its part, The Huffington Post mentioned, in a somewhat matter-of-fact way, that, "Major League Baseball players added their voices to the chorus of Venezuelans abroad denouncing repression in their country."

It's quite a feat that even left-wing outlets have thus far taken notice and actually given these men a platform. We only hope they will continue to speak out and gain prominence on par with NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.