Vatican Confirms Pope Francis Met Kim Davis

ThinkProgress wrote a 21-paragraph treatise trying to shed doubt on the authenticity of Davis' account

The Vatican has officially confirmed that Pope Francis met with Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis during his visit to the United States, giving context to statements he made aboard the papal plane about about conscientious objection being a human right.

According to USA Today, Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi confirmed Wednesday that the meeting between Pope Francis and Kim Davis did take place at the Vatican embassy in Washington D.C. during his much publicized visit last week. Lombardi refused to comment further on the details of the meeting. 

Glen Beck's The Blaze confirmed the meeting took place with a receptionist at the Vatican Embassy.

Kim Davis' lawyer Matthew D. Staver alleges that Pope Francis imparted encouraging words onto Davis and her husband, telling them to "stay strong" and gifting them two rosaries. Staver also said he hopes to receive photographs from the meeting soon. Below are pictures of the two rosaries with the Vatican seal:

In their cunning desire to keep their carefully woven image of Pope Francis, the left has tirelessly been spinning the story since his comments aboard the papal plane about conscientious objectors; the most adamant being ThinkProgress, who wrote a whole 21 paragraph treatise Wednesday trying to shed doubt on the alleged authenticity of Davis' account, culling every detail they possibly could to somehow minimize the meeting's significance. "The meeting was not long," "the Vatican didn't confirm or deny," and "the lawyers don't have the best track record" were just some of the multitude of excuses they used to keep the propaganda going. 

Consistently throughout his visit, Pope Francis spoke on the significance of religious liberty and our need to defend it.