Pope Fires Vatican Ambassador Who Set Up Meeting with Kim Davis

Replacing him with pro-immigration nuncio to Mexico.

Last year, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis was set up to meet with Pope Francis during his visit to the United States. Afterwards, the Vatican made it clear that the meeting was not a show of support for Davis who had been imprisoned for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses because of her religious convictions. However, the Pope said he supported Davis as a "conscientious objector," saying it's a "human right."

But now the Vatican ambassador who set up the meeting between the two has been fired. Carlo Maria Viganò was the Pope's ambassador in Washington and people close to Francis say he felt blindsided by the meeting and had since distanced himself from the ambassador. Now, the Vatican has announced his replacement: the ambassador to Mexico, Archbishop Christophe Pierre.

As Western Journalism notes, Pierre's appointment adds a new level to the controversy because he is a pro-immigration activist and the Pope has recently condemned Donald Trump's criticism of illegal immigration in the United States.

Meanwhile, the progressive outlet Daily Kos is praising the move and Pope Francis's "effort to modernize The Vatican."