Fox News Tweets List of Euro Terror Attacks, Left Outraged it Didn’t Include Charlottesville

They’re real good at jumping the gun.

After the vehicle jihad in Barcelona on Thursday, Fox News Research tweeted out a list of other vehicular attacks by Muslims across Europe in 2017. Leftist journalists flipped their lids that it didn’t include the vehicular attack in Charlottesville.

Here’s Fox’s tweet:

And then the blowback, as many of the pundits apparently disregarded the European flag emoji embedded in the tweet:







The Washington Free Beacon noted Media Matters’ senior fellow Matthew Gertz actually retracted his criticism after realizing he missed the context:

We found another. She blamed her technology:

But for the rest, other Twitter users came to their defense and accused Fox News of purposely releasing European-only vehicular attacks because they didn't want to include the one in Charlottesville: