Vandals Target Conservative Writer’s Home, Set Car on Fire

“They are trying to intimidate me. I will not be silenced.”

Over the last year, Warner Todd Huston’s home has been vandalized several times, but it’s the latest incident that has him feeling like he’s being targeted for his conservative politics.

This last weekend, Huston says he woke up to find someone had set his car on fire:

At about 1 AM or so on Saturday morning, I was awakened by a noise outside my home. I can’t really say what the noise was as it woke me from a deep sleep. It was just a shout that awoke me. I looked at my window and saw what struck me as a strange light outside. So, I went to the front door… And saw my car interior on fire…

He posted pictures of the damage at his blog, Publius Forum:

“The surface of my passenger seat was set aflame and the entire interior of the car destroyed,” Huston said. “Fortunately it isn’t a new car (it’s a 1999 Oldsmobile 88). But unfortunately, because it is so old I never put it on comprehensive coverage leaving it only at liability coverage. So, insurance won’t cover this destruction and I am now without a car.”

The vandalism didn’t start off this serious, but has progressively gotten worse. Huston said at first he thought it was a bunch of “penny-ante nonsense:”

It started early this year when a flag was pulled off my flag staff and left ripped and in pieces on my lawn. I replaced the flag imagining it was just local punks acting tough. Weeks later that new flag disappeared.

Next, Huston’s garage door was egged, but he still chalked it up to punk kids on the prowl.

“But then something more specific occurred,” he added. “On the night of July 1, the U.S. Army flag that I fly in honor of my son who is in the service was scorched and on it was written in marker ‘die dogs.’”

That was enough for Huston to make a police report as it appeared “directly aimed at the U.S. military and me personally.” But it didn’t stop there. On September 24, his garage was egged again, but this time someone scribbled “racist” on the door.

Huston made a second police report figuring someone was specifically targeting him because of his political yard signs and perhaps even knew about his conservative writing on the Internet. Huston lives in Chicago and writes under his real name for Breitbart News and contributes to sites like and many other places. He’s also made appearances on Fox News and CNN, as well as local stations. With his car being set ablaze, Huston now believes the vandalism is politically motivated:

I firmly believe that this is an attack on me because of my writing. This is the tolerant left in action. They are trying to intimidate me. I will not be silenced.

A GoFundMe page was set up by Huston’s son to help replace his damaged vehicle.