Van Jones Won't Hear Jeffrey Lord's Truth Bomb on Racist Democrats

"The same old formula: racism to fuel progressivism…"

As CNN covered the results of Tuesday's primary voting, commentator Van Jones sparred with political strategist and Reagan administration alum Jeffrey Lord over Donald Trump's perceived connection with the Ku Klux Klan. What it really boiled down to was Jones not being a real fan of history, especially when it comes to the Democrats' actual association with the KKK.

Here's a short clip:


CNN commentator Van Jones goes head-to-head in a passionate debate on Donald J. Trump and the KKK

Posted by CNN on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

CNN liked the "passionate debate" so much, they invited Jones and Lord back for round two Wednesday morning with Chris Cuomo enjoying the spectacle and getting in a few jabs of his own:

Van Jones and Lord clash over Trump and KKK

Watch CNN analysts Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord continue their passionate debate about Donald J. Trump and the KKK.

Posted by CNN on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jones continually showed little interest in American history throughout both debate segments, only staying concerned with what is happening today. In doing so, he more than proved Lord's accusations that an ignorance of history leads to more ignorance today. While Jones remained focused on the color of people's skin and how they are treated now, Lord pointed out the cold hard fact that, more importantly, they are Americans. And who are they being most poorly treated by? Why, the Democratic Party, whose history has proven again and again that they are in the business of keeping minorities down -- a fact Jones was unable to accept.

Lord's assessment of history and how the Democrats have always behaved is important and bears repeating:

The same old formula: racism to fuel progressivism is what is being used today. David Duke was a big fan of Occupy Wall Street as was President Obama. That's today! That's not 150 years ago!

Here, maybe this A.F. Branco cartoon can help clear it up: