USC Professor: Holocaust Denial Doesn't Make You A Radical

Extremism in the pursuit of the bomb is a virtue!

On Wednesday, Sohrab Ahmari, editorial page writer at The Wall Street Journal, tweeted a link to an article from the Washington Post about Iran’s Holocaust-denial cartoon contest. The article explained:

In early May, organizers in Tehran will stage the Second International Holocaust Cartoon Contest… An exhibition will feature some of the 839 pieces of "artwork" submitted as part of the contest by artists from more than 50 countries, reports Iran's semiofficial Fars News Agency.

Ahmari tweeted, “Moderate Iran organizes Holocaust-denial cartoon contest.”

That’s when Alireza Tabatabaeenejad decided to sound off:

Tabatabaeenejad is a research professor at USC in the Department of Electrical Engineering, specializing in electrophysics. USC has not yet commented on the radicalism of its professor. The professor continued to tweet long into the afternoon about why Holocaust denial did not demonstrate radicalism: