USA-Hating, Fascist Student Faces Year in Jail for Swiping MAGA Hat

This is the perfect gift for the holidays!

Two months ago, a minority student at the University of California-Riverside swiped the MAGA hat from the head of a fellow student, Matthew Vitale, and proceeded to disrupt the Student Life Department with complaints that he was promoting genocide. The triggering was caught on video:


With the now-iconic red Trump hat in her grasp and refusing to return it to Vitale, the fascist student declared, “America was never f***ing great” and “I f***ing hate this country.” When he told her she was breaking the law and to give back his property she refused, saying, “Man, f*** your laws.”

Well, those damned laws have now put her in quite the predicament, where she might spend a considerable amount of time thinking about more seriously, as Campus Reform reports:

Edith Macias, a student who was filmed taking possession of Matthew Vitale’s hat and taking it to the school’s Student Life Department, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of grand theft, as revealed in documents reviewed by The College Fix.

Under California law, "grand theft" refers not only to the theft of property worth more than $950, but also applies when "property is taken from the person of another."

A local law group further explains that the statute applies to cases where the property “was taken directly off of the property owner, no matter how much the property is worth (i.e. taken from the clothing of, on the body of, or in a container held or carried by a person, as in a mugging).”

Helping the case against Macias was her posting of an incriminating video to her Facebook page of the moment she ripped the hat from Vitale’s head on campus. She now faces up to one year in jail for the crime.