WATCH: A Year of Winning, Courtesy of the Trump Administration

And there’s still a month to go!

Donald Trump said he would work to make America great again and he made good on that promise in his first term as president. 2017 was certainly a year of winning for pro-America ideas.

A new video titled “Year One” has been published by the conservative 45Committee which highlights all the MAGA you can take. The committee’s president Brian Baker said, “President Trump and Vice President Pence have had an incredible year of accomplishments—from day one to today. ‘Year One’ showcases their record of historic tax cuts and much, much more."

What’s great about the video is it’s only one-minute long and packed with all the things America asked for in its president:

  • Repealed Obamacare individual mandate
  • Saved $8.1 billion cutting regulation
  • Largest tax cuts in American history
  • Bonuses and pay raises for workers
  • 70 record Dow Jones closing highs
  • Opened Keystone XL, Dakota pipeline, A.N.W.R.
  • Created 1.7 million new jobs
  • Appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
  • 12 federal circuit court judges confirmed
  • Travel ban upheld by the Supreme Court
  • Illegal border crossings at 45-year low
  • Battling the opioid epidemic
  • Restoring confidence in America
  • ISIS lost 98% of territory
  • Bringing American hostages home
  • Defunding $285 million from the U.N.
  • Declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

So. Much. Winning. And almost a month to go for even more MAGA!

H/T Washington Free Beacon