Minority Student Swipes MAGA Hat, Declares ‘I F***ing Hate This Country’

Wants the student she stole it from punished for wearing it.

A minority student at the University of California, Riverside was triggered after seeing a fellow student wearing a red MAGA hat on campus. She became so unhinged at the sight that she ripped it off of his head and walked into the Student Life Department to see if she could get him in trouble for wearing it.

Matthew Vitale began recording right after his hat was swiped. The female student refused to return the stolen property after repeated attempts. She said she took it because it represents “genocide.”

Vitale told her what she did is illegal.

“Man, f*** your laws,” she said, holding the hat tighter and threatening to burn it.

“Y’all are allowing people to wear this on a campus that has the majority people of color in this campus and you let people walk around and wear this shit?” she complained. “America was never f***ing great!”

The angry young girl became even more offended when Vitale suggested she “get out” if she doesn’t like the country. 

“Go to Mexico,” he said.

“How the f*** do you know that I’m brown? You don’t know shit about me!” the brown girl said.

Later, the tables would turn when she told Vitale he is “f***ing white” and he responded, “Are you assuming my race?” Even when he told her he’s half Nicaraguan, she insisted, “No matter what races are within you, you still pass as a white man.”

Go figure.

But she wasn’t finished ranting: “I f***ing hate this country. I hate it and I’m not leaving. I’m staying here because there’s shit that needs to be fixed here… because we need to get rid of all y’all.”

Who's the racist now?

Eventually, a staff member gives Vitale his hat back and when she notices, she comes unglued and starts blabbing on about microaggressions. She turns to walk out the door but is instead stopped by two campus police officers.

Vitale rubbed salt in her wound: “That’s how this country works."

And boom goes the MAGAmite!