U.S. Rep Calls NRA, Dana Loesch ‘Domestic Security Threats

“We can’t ignore that.”

On Thursday, Congresswoman Kathleen Rice (D-NY) blasted out a hysterical tweet calling the National Rifle Association and spokesperson Dana Loesch “domestic security threats.”

Loesch quickly responded, understandably shocked that an elected official would make such a wild and irresponsible accusation:


Other “domestic security threats,” formerly known as private citizens, responded on Twitter:




That moment when @RepKathleenRice called me & countless other veterans "domestic threats" let that sink in…I gave my legs to be a "threat"

— Johnny (Joey) Jones (@Johnny_Joey) August 11, 2017

Even our own editor-in-chief Mark Tapson got in a solid blow:

Rice’s fascist tweet was spurred by a previous exchange involving Loesch and another Twitter user:

The congresswoman took issue with the NRA staying silent on the Castile shooting, forgetting the fact that the organization doesn’t owe her, or anyone else, an official statement after every shooting:

But alas, Rice is a Democrat and anyone outside that bubble is perceived as a threat, and so, she just had to say it.

Here’s a little something we’re sure Rice would like everyone to ignore, stated in a letter from retired judge Amy Juviler, who was very critical of Rice as a New York prosecutor and warned against her getting a seat in the House:

In considering who to vote for in the Democratic Primary, eliminate from your consideration Kathleen Rice. She appeared before me a number of times as an ADA and she was unforgettable. It was her regular duty at the time to try to convict innocent men of misdemeanors who had been accused of felonies in cases where the evidence indicated false accusation. She regularly introduced perjurious statements, unfortunately often of children who had been induced by their Mothers to accuse their Dads in divorce disputes…

I should have had Rice disbarred, because even after she had been caught violating the law, she was unapologetic. If you are still unconvinced, give me a call and I can give you more details and a couple of other cases.

The criminal defense blog Simple Justice adds:

A bit more about Rice: She neglected to vote for 18 years, until 2002, during which time she was a registered Republican until it served her interest to switch and ride Tom Suozzi’s coattails into office when she arrived as a carpetbagger in 2005.  According to her commercials, she wants to expand the power of the AG’s office so she can go after corrupt Albany politicians. She has strong support from the assistants in her office, who want desperately for her to be elected to any job that will get her out of Nassau County.

We're just going to say it. You're a fascist, Kathleen Rice. We can't ignore that.