University of Chicago Prof Says It Should be Legal to Kill Newborns

Infanticide, really?

It's one thing to have a reasoned debate about abortion rights. However, a biologist at the University of Chicago has kicked it up a notch and is now arguing for infanticide. "When religion vanishes, as it will,” Prof. Jerry Coyne says, “so will much of the opposition to both adult and newborn euthanasia.”

The College Fix has more:

A biologist at one of the most prestigious universities in the country has come out in favor of killing disabled newborn babies, declaring that “it is time to add to the discussion the euthanasia of newborns.”

In a post on his personal blog, University of Chicago Prof. Jerry Coyne expressed approval over the idea of killing “newborns who have horrible conditions or deformities, or are doomed to a life that cannot by any reasonable light afford happiness.”

Citing a recent pro-baby-euthanasia column in The New York Times by Gary Comstock, a philosophy professor at North Carolina State University, Coyne argues in favor of administering “a lethal injection of…a barbiturate” to gravely ill babies who are suffering as they die.

“If you are allowed to abort a fetus that has a severe genetic defect, microcephaly, spina bifida, or so on,” Coyne asks, “then why aren’t you able to euthanize that same fetus just after it’s born?”

This is horrific. Notoriously, Princeton philosopher Peter Singer also argued in favor of killing disabled newborns. He was apparently an inspiration for Coyne. When The College Fix reached out to the professor, he deferred his answer. “I”m [sic] writing a longer piece on this that will answer your questions [and] I’d prefer to defer the answers until I write that.”

Though the World Health Organization defines “newborn” as “a child under 28 days of age,” Coyne wasn't specific about what ages he believes would be appropriate to kill.

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​h/t: The College Fix