UK: Teacher Showed ISIS Beheading Videos to Kids

Suspect “tried to groom children with role-playing and videos of beheadings.”

A teacher accused of plotting Islamist terror attacks in the UK has admitted playing ISIS beheading videos in the class, British media report. The suspect, who taught children aged between 11 and 16 at a London mosque, revealed these details during a court hearing.

Umar Haque, 25, faces trial for planning terror attacks at multiple locations, including Big Ben, Heathrow Airport and the British Parliament. He “tried to groom children with role-playing and videos of beheadings,” one British newspaper reported.

Haque, who described himself as an “official supporter of ISIS” during the legal proceedings, reportedly justified ISIS terror attacks which took place across Europe. “Whenever these events happened I would say to them, because we are not exactly sure what happened, maybe they are good, their intentions are good but the media is twisting things telling only one side,” he admitted telling his students.

The UK edition of International Business Times reported the details of the case:

A teacher accused of planning a string of terror attacks in some of the UK's most famous landmarks has admitted to showing his pupils Isis-propaganda videos in the classroom.

Umar Haque, 25, said he agreed to play the students videos from the Jihadist terror group in order to give a "more holistic idea" of who they were.

He said he played the video while working at the Lantern of Knowledge School in Leyton, east London, between April 2015 and January 2016.

Haque, who is also faces a charge of training youngsters in terrorism at the Ripple Road mosque in Barking, east London, is on trial at the Old Bailey alongside three other men charged with preparing acts of terrorism.

The men are accused of planning "one or more violent attacks" in the UK and had identified London's Big Ben, Heathrow Airport, the Queen's Guard and Houses of Parliament among a number of potential targets. All four deny the accusations.

The latest revelations once again highlight the ongoing Islamist indoctrination in mosques and Islamic schools across the UK. The Office for Standards in Education, or Ofsted – a government-run education watchdog agency – has repeatedly warned about the growing influence of Islamist ideology in faith-based Muslim schools in the country.

In 2014, British authorities uncovered a covert Islamic plot to take over state-run schools in the city of Birmingham. Islamist activists orchestrated a campaign to ‘remove secular head teachers’ and ‘install Islamic practices’ in the schools across the city. With a rapidly-rising Muslim population, such efforts to Islamize British schools and public life are expected to intensify.

Britain has the third-largest Muslim population in Europe, after France and Germany. In 2017, the Muslim population of the country surpassed 4 million, roughly 6 percent of the total population. The country is projected to have the continent’s largest Muslim population by 2050, nearly 13 million, or almost 18 percent of the overall population, recent Pew data suggests.

According to a nationwide poll conducted by the UK broadcaster Channel 4 in 2016, 23 percent of British Muslims wanted the introduction of Sharia to the country. Nearly 31 percent of the Muslim respondents supported polygamy and 52 percent wanted to make homosexuality illegal. Similar trends can be witnessed in Belgium, France and Germany as well.