UK Intel Agents Train Truckers to Stop Jihadis From Hijacking Vehicles for Terror Attacks

Authorities vow to protect UK Christmas markets with “rings of steel” against Islamist vehicle ramming attacks.

British intelligence agents are giving anti-terror training to truck drivers to prevent their vehicles from getting hijacked and used for Islamist terror attacks. “Government spies are working with truck drivers to guard against terror attacks,” the UK newspaper Daily Mail reported.

“In these times of heightened security, vigilance is more important than ever,” an official of the UK’s trade association of freight operators, Road Haulage Association (RHA), said. “We urge our members and their drivers to be vigilant - in terms of themselves, their loads and their trucks.”

Cities across the UK are on a high state of alert ahead of Christmas. Authorities have placed massive security measures in place to prevent a Berlin-style terror attack. Last year an Islamist drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing 12 people. This year Jihadi terrorists have used vehicles to carry out ramming attack in several major European cities, including Barcelona, Paris and London.

Organizers of Christmas markets across the country are also putting their staff through anti-terror training offered by the police, separate media reports reveal.

Last month, State Department issued a travel advisory to US citizens traveling to Europe, warning them of terror attacks over Christmas.

The Daily Mail reported:

Truck drivers are being trained in anti-terrorism measures to stop jihadis hijacking their vehicles for mass attacks in the UK.

Government spies have been working with the Road Haulage Association to improve security measures, as revealed by Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee's annual report.

It comes after a wave of vehicle attacks across Europe including atrocities in Berlin, Barcelona and Stockholm.

The report said the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure had been working with the Road Haulage Association on 'a number of temporary and permanent measures designed to stop a truck such as the one used in the Nice attack'.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd told the committee UK Government buildings and other 'high-risk' public sites were protected against vehicle attacks but that there were concerns around private land.

She said: [It is important] we really lean into the private sector to make sure they can have the right tools and the right training, where necessary.'

“Christmas markets across Britain” will be protected by “rings of steel,” wrote the British newspaper The Sun detailing security measures ahead of the holiday season. Concrete bollards have been erected encircling pedestrian areas in several cities to prevent heavy vehicles from driving into crowds.

According to the British intelligence agency MI5, around 23,000 Jihadis are living in the country – many of them on welfare. Domestic security services are currently carrying out nearly 500 active terror investigations and 3,000 British Jihadis have been classified as “subjects of interest.”

Despite these extensive and elaborate surveillance measures, the UK suffered 5 deadly Islamist terror attacks this year, killing 36 people.