UK Bans Watching Streamed Terrorist Propaganda

Not only downloading it, but even just watching it.

UK’s Home Secretary Amber Rudd is cracking down on online terrorist propaganda and making it a criminal offense to stream the content.

According to The Sun:

Current laws only forbid downloading the material. But senior officials believe they can now identify cases where people watch without first transferring the footage to their own PC.

Rudd is telling web giants like Google to “step up” to their own “moral responsibility” in taking down Islamic terrorist propaganda as well as tracking down those who are watching, even though many viewers do so with encryption software installed. Nonetheless, The Sun adds, Rudd told Google they had “run out of excuses” in going after these online threats.

"There have been 12 attempted terror plots in the past year, of which 5 have got through,” Rudd recently said. “There is a whole new level of terrorist activity that we are seeing.”

"The tech giants needs to step up and do more, take a moral responsibility for the fact their platforms are being used in this way,” she continued. “Businesses are developing models that keep security services at bay and that is unacceptable."

The Sun notes:

Sky's chief operating officer Andrew Griffith said the public would find it hard to believe the biggest tech giants were sitting on $600 billion - 17 times the UK's defence budget - but couldn't develop software that blocked IS material from being uploaded online.

He said: "If they can develop cars that can drive down streets they have the capability to spot an IS flag."

No word, though, on if those doing research — journalists, for example — will be held accountable under the new law if they stream ISIS videos.