Uh-Oh! UC Berkeley Study Finds Women Are Nags, ‘Most Difficult’ to Live With

And wait until you hear where they conducted the study.

Did a study just confirm the age-old stereotype that women are naturally naggers who are difficult to get along with? And did that study come from the leftist Mecca of the University of California, Berkeley? The answer to both is a resounding “yes.”

The study done by UC-Berkeley and Bar-Ilan University in Israel found that wives, mothers, and sisters are “the most difficult people” to deal with. The survey included responses from “over 1,100 diverse respondents who described over 12,000 relationships.” The result: “close kin, especially women relatives and aging parents, were especially likely to be named as difficult.”

“The message here is that, with female relatives, it can be a two-sided thing," said senior author of the study Claude Fischer. “They may be the people you most depend on, but also the people who nag you the most.”

For those between the ages of 21-30, sisters were named as the most difficult to engage, with wives, and mothers coming in second and third respectively. Fathers, brothers, boyfriends, roommates, and co-workers were lower down their list. Older people between 50 and 70 years old also listed mothers and girlfriends as the most difficult in their lives with similar results as those younger when it comes to male family members and friends.

The study was conducted with both men and women in the San Francisco Bay Area — Nancy Pelosi country. How fitting that it found women there to be nagging and always meddling in private affairs. In essence, the UC-Berkeley has confirmed that leftist women are making everyone miserable. Of course, we could've saved them a whole lot of time and money had they just asked!