UCLA Republican Students Attacked for Being White

Because diversity does not include white people, obviously.

The proposed diversity requirement for undergraduate UCLA students is an issue that has been at the center of campus politics at UCLA for the past couple of months. Many students and faculty members feel that it enforces racial divides while indoctrinating classrooms with one-sided rhetoric from liberal professors.

A petition written by UCLA’s undergraduate Republican group, Bruin Republicans, asks students to “Say NO to the Diversity Requirement”:

The diversity requirement irresponsibly forces students that have not been admitted to this school, and so do not have the ability to voice their opinion, to take a course on top of their already rigorous academic schedule in order to graduate.

The diversity requirement institutionalizes racial, ethnic, and religious divides within the community. Fostering a divided, less inclusive campus.

University administration has presented no plan to deal with the capacity issues that will be imposed on the classes that would become required. Making it harder for you to get in to your classes.

The diversity requirement forces students to take a class where you could be subject to ridicule for your religious beliefs, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

The diversity requirement requires more of your tuition dollars to be spent irresponsibly!

As a response to the Bruin Republicans’ petition, opposing students who obviously did not understand what the diversity requirement was attacked the student leaders for being white. The students posted comments on Facebook such as, “DAMN. WHEN DID WHITE BREAD GET SO SALTY” and “Thank you, white male, for sharing with us how diversity is a bad thing.” One student attempted to mock the student president of the Bruin Republicans by posting a picture of him participating in a Boy Scouts ceremony as a young boy.



The Bruin Republicans, fierce in their fight for liberty, have been under attack under numerous occasions for protesting the diversity requirement. During the last Bruin Republicans' protest at the university's Bruinwalk, several passersby called names and even harassed the protesters, who were distributing fliers and holding posters. One student who had taken a flier crumpled it and threw it at a protestor, shouting, “Well, we are forced to take white classes!”

The Bruin Republicans are by far one of the most racially diverse groups on campus. However, liberal students attempt to invalidate their statements due to some Bruin Republican student leaders being “white.” It is crystal clear who the racists are at UCLA: radical leftist hypocrites!