UCLA Profs: Cars, Highways, Internet, Films Represent ‘Spacial Structures of Privilege

Umm, what?

In case anyone was wondering, the car you drive, the highway you take, and even your access to the web is an injustice to someone, according to social justice totalitarians. It’s such a problem that a couple of UCLA professors are teaching all about it in a summer course.

The class, taught by Todd Presner and Dana Cuff, is titled “Los Angeles Tech City: Digital Technologies & Spatial Justice” and the course description reads:

Students will investigate spatial justice and injustice in the multi-ethnic city through the lens of three thematic technologies that have literally built and transformed LA into a global metropolis: cars and highways; networking technologies culminating in the Internet and World Wide Web; and film and broadcast media.

Students will explore new ways to understand, describe, and speculate research findings related to social stratifications, racial and ethnic complexity, and unequal access to information, technology, as well as housing and urban space.

What’s interesting is that the course requires a camera phone or digital camera, a laptop, and specialized software. But don’t worry: “Students without access to a laptop will be provided one through UCLA Library.” (No word on if carless students will be picked up or which non-privileged streets will be travelled.)

But what is “spatial injustice” anyway? According to Edward Soja, a UCLA urban planning professor who died in 2015, it is the “production of unjust geographies and spatial structures of privilege [within urban cities and propelled] by racism, patriarchy, heterosexual bias.”

In addition to giving students a required “diversity credit,” the course will also “address topics related to unequal representation in film, including whitewashing, problematic depictions of individuals of specific races and gender, and stereotyping.”

Here’s a free lesson for anyone with children: Instead of saving money FOR college, save it FROM college. Class dismissed.


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