UCLA Diversity Chancellor Holds Therapeutic Event to 'Process the Election'

The election "results have generated deep anxiety and distress."

As further evidence that our institutions of higher learning are being transformed into safe spaces for snowflakes that demand to be protected from the triggering outside world, we present an invitation from Jerry Kang, Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at UCLA, to join him at a special event called Processing the Election scheduled Thursday, November 10, from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to "offer us, as a community, a chance to gather, discuss, and digest yesterday’s Presidential election."

After Donald Trump's election victory, progressives are so shell-shocked and disoriented that they're having to bond with each other in supportive community gatherings that serve as a sort of therapy.

"Fellow Bruins," he begins, before noting that "[m]any of us were shocked by last night’s results. For some, this shock was accompanied by earnest excitement about our new President-elect. For others, the results have generated deep anxiety and distress – an understandable response given the rhetoric targeting certain communities throughout the campaign.

"As Bruins, as members of a great university, it is our obligation to model how a community comes together in a moment like this to listen, to assess, to move forward. Together."

Kang announced that he will personally moderate "what will be a highly interactive and honest discussion, with opportunities for audience engagement." That will surely be simultaneously comical and depressing, as traumatized liberals give vent to their fear-mongering and claims of victimization.

Kang concluded by noting "that UCLA has many resources designed to help individuals who are feeling distressed. Those resources include Counseling and Psychological Services... Our campus is also hosting several post-election events for students to reflect, find support, and connect with community."

The Horowitz Freedom Center's FrontPage Mag recently profiled UCLA and Jerry Kang in particular as the school's chief advocate for the terrorism-supporting campus group Students for Justice in Palestine. Check it out.