Twitter Unverifies Notable Trump Supporter, Outright Bans 'Alt-Right Troll' for Life

The great Twitter purge is upon us.

With new policies in place, Twitter is beginning to purge voices from the Right on the social media platform, as the New York Daily News reports.

Several notable Trump supporters had their verification status removed — that little blue checkmark next to their name — which demotes the account down to what a common user gets when signing up. That included conservative activist Laura Loomer who has been a loud Trump supporter on Twitter. She has over 100,000 followers:

Also on the chopping block is British activist and The Rebel’s Tommy Robinson, whose nearly 400,000 will no longer see the little blue check mark on his account:

Joining Milo Yiannopoulos and receiving a ban for life from Twitter is Baked Alaska, who earned himself the title “alt-right troll.”

White nationalist Richard Spencer also lost the blue checkmark and responded with, “Is it not okay to be proudly White?”

This “hate speech purge” began shortly after the organizer of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Jason Kessler, was given a verified status. The backlash was swift. Twitter immediately removed Kessler’s check mark under the new policy and said any users “promoting hate and/or violence against” race, creed, orientation, et. al., will be demoted, and possibly banned.

The celebrations were just as quick, with Democratic strategist Scott Dworkin tweeting:

"Twitter banned right-wing troll Baked Alaska & stripped the verification of multiple white supremacists. Its about damn time. I bet they did nazi that coming."

As a private company, Twitter can reserve the right to do whatever it wants. But it doesn't appear the social media giant likes to trade in the First Amendment.