Twitter Actively Buried Tweets About Hillary/Podesta E-Mails During Election

The enemy is within.

While the Left continues to fret over Russian meddling in the 2016 election, it continues to come to light that social media gatekeepers manipulated what users did and didn’t see in their feeds.

In testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, Twitter’s general counsel Sean Edgett admitted that the company hid nearly 50 percent of tweets with the hashtag #DNCLeak and 25 percent of those tagged #PodestaEmails and did so while knowing only a tiny fraction of those messages came “from potentially Russian-linked accounts:”

Edgett explained in detail:

“We found that slightly under 4% of Tweets containing #PodestaEmails came from accounts with potential links to Russia… With respect to #DNCLeak, approximately 23,000 users posted around 140,000 unique tweets with that hashtag in the relevant period. Of those tweets, roughly 2% were from potentially Russian-linked accounts. As noted above, our automated systems at the time detected, labeled, and hid just under half (48%) of all the original tweets with #DNCLeak. Of the total tweets with the hashtag, 0.84% were hidden and also originated from accounts that met at least one of the criteria for a Russian-linked account. Those tweets received 0.21% of overall tweet impressions. We learned that a small number of tweets from several large accounts were principally responsible for the propagation of this trend. In fact, two of the ten most-viewed tweets with #DNCLeak were posted by @Wikileaks, an account with millions of followers.”

With WikiLeaks release of over 19,000 e-mails from inside the Democratic National Committee, it easily became a top trending topic on Twitter, but as Breitbart reported, there was further manipulation by the company:

As Breitbart News reported in the summer of 2016, users accused Twitter of censoring WikiLeaks’ DNC email release by swapping the trending #DNCLeaks hashtag with the far less popular singular #DNCLeak.

#DNCLeaks was one of the top trending topics on Twitter on July 22 with over 250,000 tweets reportedly made under the hashtag after the WikiLeaks release of more than 19,000 leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee.

Later on in the day, however, the hashtag reportedly disappeared from the trending bar for some 20 minutes, before reappearing under the less popular hashtag “#DNCleak.”

Breitbart’s report stated that over 250,000 tweets were effectively hidden by Twitter’s slight of hand. This is bad news for the social media giants as it is proven over and over again that conservative censorship and hiding damaging information aimed at Democrats is the game they’re playing. And now it’s on the official record.


Photo credit: chriscorneschi via / CC BY-SA