Twilight Zone: Jon Stewart, Chris Hayes Ridicule NYT's Rubio Hit Piece

"Snobbily judgmental nothingburger"

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart and MSNBC's Chris Hayes have both ridiculed The New York Times for its blatant hit piece against 2016 Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio's struggle with personal finances and the fact that he purchased a fishing boat. 

Because Rubio has experienced problems with personal debt, loans, and the rare splurge on a luxury item -- everyday American type of stuff -- the NYT's this week called into question how this might reflect in his fiscal responsibility if he were to become president. But even if they were trying to make a logical case, trying to label a 24-foot, $80,000 fishing boat as a luxury naval vessel was too shameful even for liberals to stand behind.

On his program, Hayes called the "weird" story a "snobbily judgmental nothingburger." His guest, conservative columnist for the Miami Herald A.J. Delgado, actually sided with the NYT. She even admitted this "Twilight Zone" moment where Hayes is bashing the story and she is defending. Though Delgado was of the thought that one's failures in personal finance will be mirrored in the country's, Hayes insisted, "they have nothing to do with each other:"

Folks like myself say, no, they had nothing to do with each other. You don't manage a federal budget the way you manage your household -- You can’t print money in your household budget. Ergo, whether he wants to buy a boat or not just doesn’t strike me as relevant about where he’s going to be on defense spending or sequester.



Stewart devoured "The Gray Lady" -- the "gold standard of American print journalism" -- for not only going after the Rubio's finances but also for reporting on their parking tickets -- 17 total in 17 years and only four for Marco, the rest were his wife.

"I assume The New York Times obtained this damning information from Marco Rubio's plaque in the 'Hall of Best Miami Drivers Ever,'" mocked Stewart.

And that the NYT reported that Rubio used an $800,000 publishing to pay off $100,000 in school loans, Stewart joked, "You bastard! Paying off law school loans? How dare you. At long last, senator, have you no sense of insolvency?"

"How is this front-page news?" Stewart asked incredulously.



But Stewart and Hayes weren't the only ones from the left attacking the NYT. Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough jumped on the boat-wagon, so to speak, saying, "[I]f this is all The New York Times and Marco’s opponents have on Marco, Marco is doing pretty well right now.” And another MSNBC host, Andrea Mitchell, called the piece an "opposition dump." In her view, American's can relate to personal struggles with finance and getting a few parking tickets in their lifetime.

Stewart dubbed it all, "Petty in Print." Indeed.

H/T The Daily Caller