TV Star Bashes Thanksgiving, Thinks We Care

Stuff it, Blossom.

Mayim Bialik, remembered mostly as Blossom from the '80s but who has had a second coming with a starring role on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory, posted a video to YouTube to describe why she believes Thanksgiving is the worst thing ever.​ She gives four very specific, and very predictable, reasons which serve only to prove leftists are miserable people.

1. “Excessive Excess”

Bialik laments that red-blooded Americans like to overindulge during the holidays. She admits to being a “Scrooge” about hearing stories of getting stuffed like a turkey, taking a nap, and then eating more.

“I don’t like it, blech,” she says.

2. “That Poor Turkey”

Bialik is vegan, so, eating meat is Holocaust-level bad in her opinion. In the video, she condemns eating “genetically modified” birds and laying its “carcass” out on the table and ripping it into bite-sized pieces. She says:

“And I know you think, ‘You vegans ruin everything.’ Well, you know what? I think your tradition of killing an animal and laying its carcass and eating the skin and the flesh of it — I think it’s gross. That ruins it, too! Okay? We both ruined everything.”

3. “Jewish Thanksgiving? WHUTTT??!?”

As a Jew, Bialik is too taxed from all of the fall holidays of her religion, and she’s “over it.” And as a “hard-working, divorced mom, with no nanny, no housekeeper, and no chef… I’m over the cooking and the cleaning, and the menus and the leftovers.”

4. “History is Written by the Winners”

After a childhood coloring pictures of — *gasp* — “Indians” and cornucopias, Bialik is also over celebrating fake history of good times and great eats with the Pilgrims and instead opined as if she was fresh off a Howard Zinn course:

“The truth is, European invaders came to this land, took it from the indigenous people, raped, pillaged, gave them all sorts of diseases, called it their own, and desecrated a culture. It is one of the grossest examples of genocide in recent history and much as I don’t want to think that Thanksgiving is about that, it’s really hard for me to not think about that when I think about Thanksgiving.”

Well, thanks for letting us know, Blossom. We’ll get back to stuffing ourselves to the gizzards and watching our kids color pictures of Indians and make paper headdresses. Heck, we'll also allow you space in this "genocidal" country to carry on making millions and making us miserable with your lectures. Happy Turkey Day!