Tucker Carlson Takes on Anti-Cop Professor and Antifa Founder

"Are you really a professor, by the way?"

Fox News' Tucker Carlson spoke late last week with a professor and founder of a branch of Antifa anarchists, who finally admitted to Carlson that he believes that pre-emptive violence is legitimate against those he deems to be fascist and neo-Nazi.

Carlson's guest was Mike Isaacson -- professor of economics at John Jay College (well, former professor at John Jay -- but more on that later), a founder of the Antifa group Smash Racism D.C., and self-described "antifascist." Isaacson presented himself in such a bizarre fashion, from his appearance to his manic speech, that a suspicious Carlson even paused to ask, "Are you really a professor, by the way?"

In response to the host's direct question about whether it's acceptable to violently infringe on someone's First Amendment right, Isaacson repeatedly invoked the right of the "community" to "defend itself" against those whose ideas are linked historically to violence -- i.e. fascists and Nazis.

Carlson kept pressing the point that one is not allowed to wage violence against someone who simply holds a repugnant belief, but Isaacson remained slippery until finally admitting it was justified.

As TruthRevolt noted Thursday, Isaacson has said elsewhere,

“The justification [for violence] is that Nazi ideology at its very core is founded on violence and on wielding power by any means…There is the question of whether these people should feel safe organizing as Nazis in public, and I don’t think they should…I don’t think anyone should think that someone who is intent on politically organizing for the sake of creating a state-sponsored genocide—I don’t think is something that we should protect.”

It's curious that the masked thugs of Antifa claim to be battling authoritarianism with -- wait for it -- acts that are authoritarian, but intellectual consistency isn't a concept they value. Tucker Carlson even said on his show that it was "hilarious" that Isaacson teaches at a criminal justice college and yet denies that the First Amendment applies to everyone.

The Carlson segment ended with Isaacson ranting that "the people" have been disenfranchised from "the system" by authoritarian forces like the police, whom Isaacson views as just as dangerous as neo-Nazis.

That attitude has brought him to the attention of Pat Lynch, the head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, New York City’s largest police union, who is calling for the firing of Isaacson after the professor tweeted from his Twitter account @VulgarEconomics: “Some of ya’ll might think it sucks being an anti-fascist teaching at John Jay College but I think it’s a privilege to teach future dead cops” on Aug. 23.

Lynch wrote a letter to Karol Mason, president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, saying Isaacson “harbors total disdain for the active and future police officers that he teaches at John Jay College.” Lynch demanded the professor's “immediate dismissal... on behalf of nearly 50,000 active and retired New York City police officers who are members of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York.”

“Recent media reports have revealed Mr. Isaacson’s disgusting anti-police attitudes and his gleeful embrace of political violence, including violence against police officers, as expressed in his own social media postings,” Lynch continued. "It is absolutely outrageous that an individual who holds and expresses these views could be employed by any academic institution, much less one that counts an overwhelming number of New York City police officers as among its students, alumni and faculty members.”

He wrote that Isaacson’s “continued presence will make it next to impossible for John Jay College to maintain any respect or credibility among the women and men who have dedicated their lives protecting this city, or among prospective students considering a law enforcement career.”

Isaacson posted a statement on Friday in which he explained, “I critique policing as an institution which operates at the behest of a state that increasingly represents the weapons and prison industry rather than the public they’re supposed to serve through decades of gerrymandering by both Republicans and Democrats. I illuminate this fact in my classes in the hopes that my students are able to choose a career path that does not put them in the position of having to act as an agent of that institution."

Isaacson won't have to worry about that for awhile, because his notorious tweet got him placed on administrative leave from John Jay College. The school president Karol Mason issued a statement about the tweet:

I want to state clearly that I was shocked by these statements. They are abhorrent. This adjunct expressed personal views that are not consistent with our college’s well-known and firm values and principles and my own personal standards and principles. I am appalled that anyone associated with John Jay, with our proud history of supporting law enforcement authorities, would suggest that violence against police is ever acceptable.

Detectives’ Endowment Association president Michael Palladino added, in a statement: “I don’t know the professor but based on his tweet he strikes me as a man of ignorance and arrogance with hate in his heart.”

That pretty much sums Isaacson up.

Check out the sparring between Isaacson and Tucker Carlson in the video above.