Trump’s Economy Allowing Companies to Offer Paid Family Leave

Leftists who have begged for this for years are offering no thanks at all.

Under President Obama, the Left screamed for higher wages and benefits including paid family leave, citing years of unfair treatment of American workers. But Democrats couldn’t stop spending long enough to give them what they wanted. Enter Donald Trump, who has cut taxes and boosted the economy with record unemployment numbers. Thanks to those policies, big companies like Walmart, Starbucks, and Target are handing over more money and benefits to workers. But so far, leftist are keeping their thanks to themselves.

From the NY Times:

On Wednesday, Starbucks announced raises and stock grants for all employees in the United States, along with new benefits aimed specifically at workers with family caregiving responsibilities: paid time off to care for sick family members and paid paternity leave for hourly employees.

It followed the announcement by Walmart this month that it was raising pay and adding family-friendly benefits. It gave full-time hourly workers the same paid parental leave as salaried ones and said it would help pay for adoptions, including for hourly workers.

It’s a sign that the effects of low unemployment have reached companies that rely on low-wage workers. Both companies also credited tax cuts.

Like Starbucks and Walmart, other companies including Amazon, McDonald’s, IBM, AT&T, Wells Fargo, General Electric, and FedEx are all giving salaried and hourly workers paid paternal leave -- if not to both parents, then at least to the birth mother.

“Benefits like paid parental leave are a crucial factor for people, especially women, in continuing to work,” the report adds. “Yet hourly workers, who generally have the most need for paid parental leave, have also been the least likely to get it. Only recently have more companies begun to change that.”

Yes, “only recently,” as in, only under President Trump. And all predictions point to even more companies offering denser benefits packages to both hourly and salaried employees.

For an example of the thankless Left, look no further than The Nation magazine editor and publisher Katrina vandenHeuvel, who scorned the GOP for putting “party over country” by passing the “obscene” tax bill only to later slobber all over Starbuck’s announcement thanks to said tax bill (h/t Stephen Miller):





We hope your hypocrisy tastes bitter.