Trump Wins South Carolina's GOP Primary

Rubio, Cruz place second and third.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump won South Carolina's GOP presidential primary with 33.5% of the vote followed by Senator Marco Rubio with 22.5% and Senator Ted Cruz 22.3%.

"Let's put this thing away, and let's make America great again!" Trump told cheering supporters in Spartanburg, S.C.

He described his followers as "an incredible movement with incredible people." Trump received all 50 of the state delegates.

Rubio told his supporters in Columbia, South Carolina, "After tonight, this has become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination."

Cruz, also speaking in Columbia, said he is the only true conservative "who can beat Donald Trump," pointing out he already beat Donald Trump in Iowa. "Conservatives continue to unite behind our campaign," taking a swipe and Rubio, whose conservative bona fides Cruz has called into question.

Exit poll findings show that "Evangelical or born-again Christian voters made up 74% of the electorate there, according to early polls. In Iowa, more than the 64% of Iowa Republicans identified as such."

More than half (53%) say they feel "betrayed by the Republican Party" and 40% say they are mad at the federal government.

Trump spent his campaign in South Carolina telling voters he was going to "run the table" in the upcoming races. The GOP Nevada Caucus follows on Tuesday and then candidates will focus on March 1st's  Super Tuesday, when 12 states and 1 territory will hold primaries and caucuses to decide who their political parties nominees are.