Trump Spox Can't Name Single Vets Group Getting Money

Money will go to Trump Foundation.

Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson was asked what would seem like a simple question but she had no answer when pressed by CNN: Which vets are getting the money?

The GOP front-runner has promised to host an event for veterans instead of appearing at the Fox News Republican debate. Trump said rather than face Megyn Kelly, a host he has accused of being "unfair" to him, he will raise money for veterans. But which veterans groups?

"Which veterans groups are taking part tonight and which veterans groups have agreed to accept money raised at this event tonight?" CNN asked.

The money raised is going into Donald Trump's own foundation but when asked if she could name even one specific veterans group, Pierson was at a loss. She did refer to the website, suggesting there might be a list there.

At the time of writing no such list was present; instead, only a banner headline claiming that more than $250,000 had been raised today alone.