Trump Says He is a Unifier After Wins on Super Tuesday

Says he brings more people to the party.

At a news conference in Palm Beach, Florida after wins in several states on Super Tuesday, Donald Trump said he was a great unifier for the Republican Party.

After being questioned on the possibility that conservatives in the GOP might look for a third party candidate, Trump said that would be the wrong move: "We have expanded the Republican Party," Trump said, pointing to an increase in votes for Republicans in places like South Carolina and the switching of allegiance for many voters from the Democratic side to the Republican side to back Trump.

"I'm a unifier. I know people are gonna find that a little bit hard to believe but believe me, I am a unifier. Once we get all of this finished, I'm going to go after one person, that is Hillary Clinton, on the assumption she is allowed to run. I don't know if she will be allowed to run," Trump said.

The mention of Clinton not being allowed to run is an allusion to multiple ongoing investigations into the former secretary of state's use of a private email account and server during her time in the Obama administration and the possibility that she broke federal law, and possibly put American agents and/or allies in danger by exchanging classified and even top secret information by unsecured means. There is the possibility that Clinton could face criminal charges in coming months.

In addition to taking shots at Clinton, Trump also took shots at Marco Rubio, saying he cannot win. Rubio has won only one state so far: Minnesota. Incidentally, Minnesota was the only state not to vote for Ronald Reagan in his landslide 1984 reelection bid.