Trump a ‘Modern Day Swastika,’ Says Daily Beast Columnist

Is there no end to the Left’s lunacy?

On Monday’s MSNBC Live, host Ali Velshi spoke with Daily Beast’s Dean Obeidallah about the Minneapolis mosque that was targeted with an explosive device on Saturday and somehow pinned the attack on President Trump — a “modern day swastika,” the columnist said.

No one was injured in the early morning blast, but that didn’t stop Obeidallah from hysterically declaring about Trump:

"He demonized our community where what we're seeing today, the climate we live in is thanks to a man named Donald J. Trump, who is President of the United States...and it's a time of fear that's palpable.”

Obeidallah went on to talk about other random acts of arson or vandalism that have occurred on other mosques around the country, which have included “Trump” spray-painted on the walls like the swastika before him.

“For some, the word ‘Trump’ is becoming a modern day swastika,” Obeidallah said, with no pushback from the host.

Velshi responded with, “Are we just becoming a more hateful society in some ways or is hate just allowed to bubble in a way that we used to not allow?”

Obeidallah took us back to his writings just before the election where he warned that if Trump wins, “the bigots will be emboldened.”

Is there anyone (besides us) willing to call out this thoughtless rhetoric? Trump is a swastika? If Trump's election emboldened anyone, it was the mainstream media to show their true stripes. And we read you loud and clear.

Watch the clip below:



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