Trump Leads....With Unfavorable Ratings

High postives, bigger negatives for The Donald

Donald Trump has the worst rating among all GOP contenders when Gallup asked Americans to say whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of each of the respective candidates. While Trump came second overall on the favorability ranking, his very high unfavorable ranking puts him squarely in a negative light for the majority of Americans.

Trump is viewed favorably by 32% of American adults but unfavorably by 56%. A further 13% said they had no opinion or had not heard of Trump - leading to a "net favorable" rating of -24. Chris Christie has the second-worst rating at -9. Lindsey Graham is third with -7.

Jeb Bush is the candidate with the highest favorable rating; 35% of those polled said they viewed the former Florida governor in a positive light.

Name recognition is a real problem for several candidates including top tier names like Marco Rubio. Despite Rubio polling well among Republicans, 48% of those polled by Gallup said they either had not heard of or had no opinion of the Florida senator. Among other candidates, 44% had the same reaction to Rand Paul's name, 59% to Scott Walker and 60% to Bobby Jindal.