Canada's PM Insults Americans Ahead of Washington Visit

Says Americans ignorant of the world.

Justin Trudeau, the newly-minted prime minister of Canada who will soon be feted by Barack Obama with a state dinner in Washington, took a swipe at Americans during a a major American media interview this past weekend.

Trudeau, a Liberal who won a general election last October, was profiled on 60 Minutes in what can only be described as a puff piece by Lara Logan and the folks at 60 Minutes. After profiling Trudeau, the son of Pierre Trudeau who was prime minister from 1968 until 1984, the interview turned to Canadian views of Americans.

Lara Logan: What do Canadians not like about the U.S?

Justin Trudeau: You know, I had a conversation one time with an American parent of a friend of mine and she was a big supporter of a presidential candidate. And I pointed out that if that person was run-- if indeed this man was running to be-- as Americans like to say, the "most powerful man in the world," I just felt like it might be nice if they paid a little more attention to the world. So having a little more of an awareness of what's going on in the rest of the world, I think, is what many Canadians would hope for Americans. Because you can't be Canadian without being aware of at least one other country, the United States, 'cause it's so important to us. I think we sometimes like to think that, you know, Americans will pay attention to us from time to time, too.  

Trudeau has bragged in the past about visiting more than 90 countries in his lifetime yet at his first major international event after being elected leader mixed up Japan and China and could not remember the name of Mexico's president.

In 2013 at a Liberal Party fundraiser he was asked what country he admired the most and claimed it was China.

There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, ‘We need to go green … we need to start investing in solar.’”  

Thankfully Trudeau's smug and condescending views are not shared by all Canadians including the hundreds of thousands that winter in places like Florida, Arizona and California and the millions of Canadians that visit on vacation and shopping trips each year.