Transgender Doll to Appear at Toy Fair

"I Am Jazz."

Making its debut at the New York Toy Fair next week will be quite possibly the "first transgender doll on the market," based on the transgender teen Jazz Jennings of the TLC documentary series I am Jazz.

Available on the Tonner Doll Co.’s web site, the 18-inch doll will retail at $89.99 (!) and is currently being tested for children as young as 8.

"Tonner Doll, which is based in Kingston, New York, said Friday that the 'Jazz' doll is being launched as a test for the specialty-retail market and will be sold by 25 to 50 stores," reports AP. "If it’s a hit, the company hopes to take it to the mass market."

"The doll was designed and sculpted by company founder Robert Tonner. His company has made dolls based on a variety of TV, film and book characters including Spiderman, Harry Potter, Dr. Who and Wonder Woman."

The doll's creator said Jazz "stands for everything I respect from a human nature point of view — she’s incredibly brave, intelligent, warm-hearted and creative."

Jennings also first entered the children's market with his co-authored picture book I Am Jazz. The doll represents another step toward conquering that market.   

The first doll to break "heteronormative boundaries" was the "Gay Bob" doll. Welcome to the club, Jazz.