TN Senator Blasts Obama Administration: 'Their Policies Are Always Late'

"After the point in time we could have made a difference in the outcome."

Fresh back from Ukraine, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) appeared on CBS's Face the Nation and told host Bob Schieffer that President Obama is too slow in enacting tough sanctions against Russia and that the time to alter the outcome may have expired.

Corker told Schieffer, "I'm very concerned as we've seen from this administration on so many tough issues. Their policies are always late -- after the point in time we could have made a difference in the outcome."

Saying leveling sanctions against individuals in Russia is not having the needed impact, Sen. Corker explained that hitting big companies within Russia -- banks and gas companies -- with tough sanctions could send "shock waves" into Russia's fragile economy. 

Sen. Corker said he fears the U.S. isn't doing enough:

All we are doing is tweaking folks. These are oligarchs. We really aren't affecting, if you will, upper middle-class in Russia, a broader base of citizens in Russia at present. And I think, again, these sanctions on individuals are not having the -- it's not creating the kind of pain within Russia that will cause Putin to change his behavior. 

By the way, again, these calls are bipartisan. I think there's concern on both sides of the aisle that the administration in exercising such cautiousness -- as they did in Syria, where we've ended up in a situation that is one of the biggest humanitarian crises we've seen in a long, long time, by being so cautious, by being unwilling to confront someone who only responds to action, not words. 

Further highlighting Obama's utter weakness in foreign policy matters, Sen. Corker pointed out another way not to handle world powers:

I think you've seen recently where they're having some kind of hashtag tweet war. Those are not the things that someone like Putin responds to. And again, I just think we need to hit him much more toughly prior to him taking steps that are going to be very difficult to undo.