TIME Holds Bill Clinton Accountable as it Honors Victims of Sexual Assault

In politics...what constitutes disqualifying behavior seemed to depend...on the allegiance of your tribe."

Time magazine’s 2017 Person of the Year is getting a lot of attention — rather than choosing an individual, the publication picked a group of (mostly) women who have blown the whistle on the sexual misdeeds of men in positions of power.  

Over the past several months of coverage regarding sexual abuse by the rich and powerful, Bill Clinton’s name has often been missing from much of the mainstream media’s discussion. However, Time took a hard-line position of inclusion concerning the revered Democratic icon sometimes known as Slick Willie.

With a history replete with accusations of sexual misconduct, Clinton is certainly deserving of scrutiny; and Time held back very little, even pointing to the partisan forces which protected him:

“In politics, at least, what constitutes disqualifying behavior seemed to depend not on your actions but on the allegiance of your tribe. In the 1990s, feminists stood up for accused abuser Bill Clinton instead of his ­accusers — a move many are belatedly regretting as the national conversation prompts a re-evaluation of the claims against the former President.”

Feminists did indeed defend Clinton — specifically the National Organization for Women, whose support provided particularly crass proof that, despite its name, NOW served at the pleasure of the Democratic Party rather than victimized women. At the time, the leftist media refused to call out the woman-centric outfit on its hypocrisy.

Times have changed, though, and through the lens of retrospect, even some on the left have come to an enlightened understanding of the sleaziness of “America’s first black president.” In fact, in November, several media outlets published major stories castigating Clinton. Examples include “I Believe Juanita” in The New York Times; “Reckoning with Bill Clinton’s Sex Crimes (The Atlantic); and the very bluntly titled, partisan-free “Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned Over Lewinsky Affair, (Democratic Senator) Kirsten Gillibrand Says” (NYT). The media’s past refusal to acknowledge the crimes against women perpetrated by Clinton has also seen exposure, exemplified by the Washington Examiner's “Now that the Clinton brand is mostly useless, second thoughts about Bill's sexual assault allegations.”

Time set out to honor those who have bravely stood against their oppressors. That task is impossible if there is a fear to call a spade a spade. For once Time did the right thing, and wholly implicated William Jefferson Clinton.