Terrorist Says He Is 'Proud' of NYC Attack That Killed 8

Spoke with investigators after surgery.

Sayfullo Saipov, the Uzbekistani immigrant who killed 8 people in a terrorist attack in Manhattan on Tuesday, was treated for gunshot wounds and out of surgery on Wednesday morning. FBI investigators were anxious to speak to Saipov about the attack. ABC reports that not much is known about the conversations other than that Saipov was pleased with what he had done.

Investigators said they were able to talk with Saipov. It's unclear what, if anything, investigators learned from him. Though, one official told ABC News he was "proud" of the attack.

They added that the suspect followed instructions for a truck attack that were distributed by ISIS "to a T" and had planned the attack for weeks. Saipov allegedly left behind a handwritten note written in Arabic that translates roughly to: "The Islamic State will endure forever."  

Local news reports say that Saipov's family was moved out of his home, a garden apartment in Paterson, N.J., while police combed through the property looking for evidence. Neighbors told reporters they knew the man but had not seen the hatred for America that was on display when he used a truck to mowed down pedestirans in Lower Manhattan killing eight including five Argentinian tourists.

Those images show Saipov drove carefully and at moderate speed until he enters the jogging path at Houston Street and accelerates.  

Investigators believe that suggests he knew where he wanted to begin the attack, and they are now going through toll records and other digital records to see if Saipov had scoped out the location beforehand.  

Saipov came to the United States in 2010 through the "Diversity Visa Lottery Program," a program designed to allow in immigrants from countries with few people in the United States. That program is now under attack by President Donald Trump.

While originally settling in Ohio it appears that Saipove later moved to Tampa, Florida before settling in Paterson several years ago with his wife and three children.