Teen Vogue Writer: It's OK if Innocent Men Get Ruined Over False Sex Allegations

"That is a price I am absolutely willing to pay."

Emily Lindin, Teen Vogue columnist, has some interesting thoughts on sticking it to the patriarchy. Namely, she thinks that it's ok for innocent men to take a hit, as she said on Twitter. 


Lindin says she would be willing to pay that price, but she wouldn't be the one who had to, would she? Initially, it would be the innocent men taking the hit for crimes they didn't commit. In the long run, those paying the price would be the actual victims of assault who aren't believed because people like Lindin don't particularly care about guilt and innocence. These things matter. If we want justice for women who are victimized, we need to care about little things like due process. 

Then again, she works for a radical left outlet that teaches kids how to have anal sex, so I'm not surprised their journalistic standards aren't super high.