How Much Can You Get for Flipping Off Trump? $130,000

It pays to disrespect this president.

God Bless America! The land of the free, home of the brave — and the only place on Earth where raising your middle finger to the president’s passing motorcade will snag you six figures.

That’s what Juli Briskman is getting for doing the dirty deed to President Trump while out on a bike ride in Virginia earlier this month. A GoFundMe page was set up in her honor, and in just 22 days, raised over $130,000 after 5,774 people pledged donations. Apparently, that’s how many people felt bad enough that the woman was fired from her job the next day for boasting about the picture on social media.

Briskman was catapulted to her 15 minutes with the help of the anti-Trump media who, no doubt, were thrilled to see that now-famous photo of The Resistance in action. She told Megyn Kelly on her NBC show, “Well, all my frustration about this administration just welled up inside of me, and I started thinking about all the things that I think are going wrong right now in our country. And that was the only way I had to give him the message that I wanted to give him.”

“It actually felt great,” Briskman added.

We’re pretty sure surpassing the $100,000 goal also feels pretty great. It’s unclear what’s next for Briskman, but that’s enough to kick back and relax for a while.

Since the outpouring, Briskman adds:

“Through your generous donations, heavy burdens have been lifted. Thank you!

“I am working my way through messages still! I am so encouraged and honored by each one. Thank you all so much for every single donation. Good things to come! I feel it.”

America isn’t so bad after all when something like this is possible. You might even say this is helping to make America great again.