Susan Sarandon 'Stands with Colin' Kaepernick

“He took a knee for me. I’ll take a stand for him.” Cute.

The NFL quarterback who alienated countless football fans by taking a knee during the national anthem, Colin Kaepernick, held a rally on Wednesday outside of NFL headquarters in NYC. In attendance was the notorious left-wing actress Susan Sarandon.

The "United We Stand" march had roughly a few hundred protesters there in support of Kaepernick. In a tweet to her half a million fans, Sarandon said: “Rally in support of Colin Kaepernick in front of @NFL. Together we win. I stand with Colin. #ImWithKap.”

Also in attendance were left-wing activist Linda Sarsour, who headlined the rally, and the NAACP.

Breitbart reports that the rally was meant to "show support for the former San Fransisco 49ers star who’s yet to land a roster spot on an NFL team after causing controversy last season by kneeling for the National Anthem during pre-game ceremonies."

Signs at the rally read “Black Lives Matter Scoreboard. Kaepernick = HERO. NFL = ZERO” and, “He took a knee for me. I’ll take a stand for him.”

Aside from kneeling during the national anthem, Kaepernick has also worn a pro-Fidel Castro T-shirt and “pig cop” socks at official 49ers events.