Supreme Court Decision about Same-Sex Parents and Birth Certificates Defies Science and Biology

Wait, did Bill Nye write the opinion?

Children need to know about their biological parents for many reasons, including those related to health histories. That's why it's a pretty big deal for birth certificates to list the biological parents of the child in an accurate manner. In some cases, however, non-biological parents who are spouses are also listed on the birth certificate. But two lesbian couples in Arkansas didn't like being merely listed. Instead, they “wanted to overthrow the basic purpose of birth certificates in non-artificial insemination cases: listing the biological parents of a child.”

The case, Pavan v. Smith, featured the two lesbian couples who'd had children through artificial insemination. Though they were already listed on their children's birth certificates, they wanted more. According to The Daily Wire:

On Monday, the Supreme Court declared that birth certificates were no longer designed to list the biological parents of children, and ordered that states must now grant same-sex couples the ability to place their names on birth certificates. This, of course, defeats the purpose of having a birth certificate — why not just have a certificate of legal parentage? — but according to the Court, everyone must be made to feel like a biological parent, even where there’s no biological connection to the child.

Last week TruthRevolt reported that Oregon became the first state in America to add a "third gender" option to drivers' licenses (meaning that Oregon residents getting a license can choose from male, female, and X). Apparently, the latest cultural battleground is the birth certificate. In both of these instances, biology and science are taking a back seat to ideology and identity politics.

Image Credit: Wikipedia