Students Stage Walkout in Support of Fired School Officer

Hundreds of students at Columbia, South Carolina's Spring Valley High School staged a walkout Friday morning to protest the firing of the school's resource officer who became the target of media criticism this week for the manner in which he apprehended a student.

As the short video clip that showed Ben Fields, a white officer, slam a resistant black student to the ground as she sat in her school desk began to circulate, Fields was taken to task and fired for his actions. The media's narrative instantly charged the officer with police brutality based on racism despite the evidence that would prove otherwise.

But apparently the black and white students of Spring Valley don't agree with the media's take and decided to show their support for Officer Fields, hoping the walkout might help get his job back. Photos and videos began to flood social media tagged as "#BringBackFields" and "Free Fields," reports WSMV.

Principal Jeff Temoney intercepted the students as they walked out of class and into the school's atrium, saying:

"We've heard your voices, okay. We appreciate you taking time to do this, but again, as you know, we always focus on teaching and learning, so let's head on back to class." 

Temoney promised that no students would be suspended so long as they returned to their classrooms.

Here is some video shared on Twitter:



The students obviously support the officer and don't believe his actions warranted his firing. But for the media, Fields is guilty and got what he deserved, and so they will be silent.

And speaking of silence… Has anyone else noticed how the media never airs the videos that surface online daily of students slamming and attacking their teachers? These videos show why police are hired to be on America's public school campuses in the first place. Perhaps if the left would watch the footage, it would show the kind of violence and danger these officers face doing their job.