Student Activists to Fordham Officials: We Aren't Appeased by Your Rejection of Campus Chik-Fil-A

You just can't ever give enough to social justice warriors.

It seems like just a few days ago that Fordham University was in the news for rejecting a proposed Chick-Fil-A on campus because gay students didn't want the restaurant's specific blend of delicious chicken and purported homophobia. Wait, it was just a few days ago. That must make gay students really happy and content, to know that the loud voices of the disgruntled few were enough to deprive other students of their waffle fries. Not so fast.  

Now, the student social justice warriors are upset at the Catholic university again, because rejecting a perfectly wonderful restaurant chain just isn' enough to show your loyalty and commitment to diversity. The College Fix explains:

Students cite Fordham’s policy of single-sex housing and administrators’ refusal to reference “gender” on their gender-neutral, single-stall bathrooms at Lincoln Center. (New York City law mandates such bathrooms and using preferred gender pronouns or risk steep fines.)

Students have also complained about the university’s policy that only allows overnight guest passes for visitors with the same biological sex as the student they’re staying with. Fordham has also been chided by activists for charging higher rent for single-bedroom housing (traditionally used to meet the medical needs of students).

In other words, the students are sending a message to the administration: we are not appeased! Rainbow Alliance co-president Roberta Munoz said just that. “I don’t want to pat them on the back," she said. "You can’t say ‘Oh you’re such a great ally’ when there’s still so many issues with our queer students. Like great, love it, but keep going."

Got that, administration officials? You must keep going and going and going until the university you once loved is no longer recognizable. Let this be a learning opportunity. You won't please the snowflake social justice crowd, so why not go ahead and lead the school with your actual values and common sense?

Image Credit: Wikipedia