Stephen King: Trainload of Republicans Hitting Garbage Truck ‘Karma’

Oh, wait, somebody died? Now he feels bad!

After hearing about the Amtrak train full of GOP lawmakers that crashed into a garbage truck, horror author Stephen King had a good belly laugh and typed up a quick joke for Twitter.


Upon hearing that a person had died in the crash, King realized his tweet was in bad taste:


King was rather late to the online “serves them right” celebrations as his tweet came an entire day after the accident occurred (and he somehow missed the many reports about the death and the other injuries). There was plenty of horrible things being said about the train crash before King thought to put fingers to keyboard.

Actor Michael Ian Black typed, “Metaphor upon metaphor upon metaphor,” but later deleted the insensitive tweet.

The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein accused the GOP of “stag[ing] this metaphor,” before realizing his insensitivity to the serious matter and hitting “delete.”

Also erasing his tweet was Republican Bill Kristol who rushed to send out a “joke” before knowing exactly what happened — now in screencap form forever:

But the prize for the worst of all has to go to Bernie Sanders’ pal and CNN guest, Jonathan Tasini who thanked some female god of his own making for “clean[ing] up the stink.”

What these folks missed in their fog of hatred was the heroic efforts of these “Goopers,” as Tasini called them, rushing to help the injured and dying, just as they did when fellow Republican Steve Scalise was shot on the Virginia baseball field. 

At least they're letting us know up front that they're the kind of people who hear about a wreck and think of a joke before considering if all are okay.

H/T Washington Times