Stephen Colbert Hopes for a Better World ‘As White People Become the Minority

“Who gets to be white next?”

On Monday night’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert asked a bizarre question of guest Ta-Nehisi Coates.

The fact that Coates was a guest was bizarre enough: the race-baiting, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist recently made the headscratching claim that Donald Trump is “the first white president.” In “The First White President,” he asserts that President Trump’s “ideology is white supremacy,” and that he is “the most dangerous President.”

Notably otherwise, Coates wrote “My President Was Black” for The Atlantic, and his book We Were Eight Years in Power postulates perplexingly that America swung the other political way after Obama because Barack was just so doggone perfect.

Naturally, on The Late Show, race was the issue of the evening, and Colbert didn’t beat around the Bush-hater: “As white people become the minority in the country—which is coming—do you see a change for [hope]?”

Imagine the torches-and-pitchforks outrage if Colbert and Coates were denigrating any other race.

Colbert continued: “Who gets to be white next, to make sure that we outnumber black people?”

Unintelligible and unfunny. How does Colbert have a job?

Coates’s response is best digested by watching the video above, beginning at the 5:00 mark. Here’s the short version: no, and maybe, or something similar.

Colbert concludes the interview with, “I hope you’re wrong.” Personally, I would’ve preferred, “I hope we stop being ridiculous.”