Star-Studded Christmas Celebrity Variety Show to Benefit Planned Parenthood

Celebrate the birth of Christ by fundraising for the death of the unborn!

Feliz Navidpod is holding a Christmas variety show to raise money for a nonprofit. That would be nice if the Feliz Navipod podcast, whose tag line is "where it's Christmas every day" hadn't forgotten that Christmas is about the birth of Christ, which would have been nothing without the birth part. The nonprofit they chose to benefit this year is Planned Parenthood. For real. 

The event, which takes place on Monday, is being described thus:

Things kind of suck right now. So, let’s try and make them not suck. Let’s have a fun night and get into the holiday spirit for a great cause at Feliz Navipod’s Feliz Navidad Variety Show. A night of comedy and music benefiting Planned Parenthood. PLUS, free Christmas treats! 

To make things "not suck," they're going to raise money for abortion, which coincidentally frequently uses suction to prevent birth at the time of year when we celebrate the most important birth in the history of the world. Did they put any thought into this at all? 

Celebrities who have signed onto this nonsense include Rory Scovel, Nick Thune, Chris Sullivan, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, April Richardson, Don't Stop or We'll Die, Daniel Van Kirk, and Bangarang. As if that's not bad enough, other celebrities you can expect to see include Colin Hanks and Mandy Moore. The event, hosted by Tony Thaxton and Todd Cooper, promises to be highly depressing.

The show is sold out, which raises an important question: Why do they need all of that fancy federal funding if celebrities are willing to pony up like this?