SPLC Releases New ‘Hate Map’ That Includes Public Schools

Hey kids, ignore those masked hoodlums with sticks on the playground. They're here to protect you from history.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has released yet another “hate map” of all locations of leftover Confederate monuments and symbols with most of the concentration in the South. This is nothing new for the SPLC, except the list also includes elementary and middle schools named after Confederate generals. Churches, conservative and Christian organizations have been labeled homophobic on previous maps.  At least one Muslim reformer has made the cut and was labeled Islamophobic, but this could be a first for grade schools.

Clicking through the interactive map, you’ll find schools all over named after leaders of the Confederacy: In Tennessee, there's Robert E. Lee Elementary, or the more subtle Forrest High School. In Oklahoma, there’s Stonewall Elementary School and at least two Lee Elementary schools. There’s South Beauregard High School in Louisiana and Jefferson Davis Middle School in Florida.

“It’s time to take them down,” the SPLC map screams in bold letters.

The SPLC adds this ominous message:

More than 1,500 Confederate monuments stand in communities like Charlottesville with the potential to unleash more turmoil and bloodshed.

Is that a promise? SPLC maps have been known to be used by violent leftists who've targeted organizations they don’t agree with. The SPLC has handed Antifa a very convenient road map on where to strike next. That should ease the minds of the parents of all those schoolchildren in the SPLC’s crosshairs.

It appears as though the $1 million George and Amal Clooney recently donated is being put to good use. As PJ Media noted, J.P. Morgan also gave a cool million, as did Apple CEO Time Cook, who also pledged to match his employees’ donations and plans to “set up a system in iTunes software to let consumers directly donate to the organization.” So, now your music playlists aren’t safe from leftist political action.

Several organizations wrongfully targeted by the SPLC have launched lawsuits to be removed from these “hate maps,” including the ministry of evangelical Dr. D. James Kennedy and also Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz. The SPLC recently admitted it was wrong in its inclusion of a small town in the Midwest on its “hate map,” as PJ Media reported:

The organization has also mistakenly added innocent towns to its "hate map." This week, the SPLC removed the historic Iowa town of Amana Colonies, after listing the location as the home of Daily Stormer. Local leaders had condemned white supremacy, but the SPLC justified keeping the town on the list because a user known as "Concerned Troll" claimed to have hosted a book club at a restaurant in Amana Colonies.

Do we need any more proof that the SPLC is the real hate group? Find out more here.