Spain: Muslim Burns Marian Statues

"One of the side chapels was completely destroyed."

Continuing the onslaught of Muslim vandalism against Europe's Catholic heritage, a North African migrant has been charged with burning Marian statues and vandalizing Catholic churches in Fontella, Spain.

According to ChurchMilitant, the man lit the Marian statues inside a local Catholic church, causing it heavy damage.

"One of the side chapels was completely destroyed and several statues were burned," reports CM. "Part of the ornamentation of the chapel ceiling fell, and the nave was left blackened by soot." See below:

A judge has since ordered the man to keep 10 meters away from Catholic churches. He has reportedly shown no guilt over the acts of vandalism and has even celebrated it, saying his actions may have "earned paradise" for him. 

Acts of vandalism against Catholic artifacts by Islamic migrants have been on the rise in recent years, culminating in the violent murder of Father Jacques Hamel while saying Mass at Church in the Rouen area of France. Pope Francis has since declared the 85-year-old priest a martyr of the faith. Sadly, unless Europe turns itself around in a big way, he will not be the last man of faith martyred by Islam.