Socialist Students Refuse to Join Conservatives For Food Drive

“Still doing a food drive, just not with them."

Once upon a time, people got into politics because they wanted to make the world a better place. Knowing that, we respected the people on the other side even if we thought they were going about it absolutely the wrong way. It's 2017 now, so we mostly just call each other names on Twitter. Still, at Kent State University in Ohio, conservative student organizations Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Liberty thought their colleagues across the ideological spectrum could come together to do some good. They were wrong, as Campus Reform found out. 

The students challenged the Kent State Socialist Collective and the Kent State Democratic Socialists to a friendly competition for a good cause - to help feed the hungry.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? The socialists were mad. 

The Democratic Socialists:



They totally already thought of it though, you guys.



They're asking other like-minded organizations to donate food, too. You mean they hadn't already thought of helping their fellow man? Weird. 

The Socialist collective just went on a Twitter rant about how it's the conservatives' fault we need food drives anyway.









Kent State TPUSA and YAL have issued a joint statement on the left's refusal to work with them to feed the hungry at Thanksgiving.



It's pretty clear to see who the adults are, and who the petulant children, isn't it?