MSNBC Horrified by Trump’s Nomination of 'White Men' as Judges

"I gotta talk about something that’s blowing my mind."

What’s worse than a judge whom Donald Trump favors? According to the party that claims its opponents are racist, the answer is clear: a white judge.

MRCTV reports that on Tuesday’s MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle, the host welcomed Washington Post writer Matt Miller for a discussion of a recent piece in The New York Times. The article, written by Matt Apuzzo and Michael S Schmidt, spotlighted a current federal judiciary nominee who failed to disclose his marriage to an attorney for the White House Counsel’s office. Oddly, Ruhle herself failed to disclose that Miller in fact was the Director of the Office of Public Affairs for Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice. But during the discussion about the judiciary, Ruhle took the opportunity to offer a stern and peculiar objection to something much worse than any non-disclosure: Trump has nominated too many “white men” as judges.

"I gotta talk about something that’s blowing my mind," Ruhle began. She gave a summary of the Times piece and introduced her guest. The pair discussed the non-disclosures, then Ruhle got to the part that really blew her mind, the point she really wanted to make:

“I’d like to point out how an overwhelming majority [of nominees] all seem to be white men.”

Curiously, Miller was ready with stats to reinforce her seemingly spontaneous point and to suggest that the Trump admin is -- horrors! -- not diverse enough: "91% white, 80% male at this point," he smirked.

"Do better," Ruhle commanded the adminstration.

The Left, despite their constant projections of racism on the Right, are nothing if not racist. Their identity politics and "politically correct" white guilt make them obsessed with race -- at least when it concerns their political enemies. It's impossible to imagine a Republican complaining that too many black judges have been nominated, because the Right views everyone as individuals, not as representatives of their entire race. The Left not only reduces people to their skin color but automatically considers "white males" to be narrow-minded, privileged, racist and sexist.

In the world of the mainstream media, the Left can do no wrong. Just as President Trump -- and all of the white people on his side of the aisle -- can do no right.