So Why, Exactly, Did Joe Biden Appear at the Oscars?

And receive a standing-o to boot.

For those who missed it, Vice President Joe Biden was given a tremendous platform and standing ovation Sunday evening at the 88th annual Academy Awards, where he appeared from seemingly out of nowhere, then took the stage to speak about victims of rape before introducing a performance by Lady Gaga. 

Sound strange?

Perhaps because it is. Biden's appearance (featured above) at the Oscars might signal that the DNC is pulling strings to keep the vice president relevant and recognizable to the public in the event of a Hillary Clinton-implosion. After all, it is not every day a political figure is afforded a platform viewed by dozens of millions of everyday Americans. Or, Biden's appearance could have just been another self-serving move by the Obama administration looking to garner more adulation from an easy audience. 

As soon as Biden appeared on stage, the audience leapt to their feet to give the vice president a standing ovation. He used the time to promote his administration's "It's On Us" pledge, which addresses the country's so-called sexual assault epidemic. Biden then introduced Lady Gaga's performance of a song entitled, "Til it Happens to You." 

The song, originally written by Diane Warren, is a beautiful and thought-provoking ballad about surviving sexual assault. In and of itself it is a worthwhile message and piece of artistic expression. All the more disappointing then that it was made especially for the largely discredited college rape-documentary "The Hunting Ground." This, however, is precisely the type of propaganda any left-wing politician seeking relevance would get behind with gusto. 

Food for thought.