Unfit to Serve: New Trump Ad Highlights Hillary's Latest FBI Investigation

"Hillary Clinton – Unfit to serve."

Is Donald Trump working with the team that cut the Inception trailer? His latest ad knocking Hillary over the FBI reopening the investigation into her use of a private email server seems that way. They even include the blaring horns. 

Laced with choppy edits, smoothly inserted graphics, and swiftly uncut transitions – this ad has it all.

"Decades of lies, cover-ups, and scandals have finally caught up with Hillary Clinton," the announcer says as evil Hillary images dance across the screen in a haze of flickering static. "Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation again after her emails were found on..."

(I stop here to admire the audacity of the Trump campaign for using this next word to describe Hillary's new nemesis Anthony Weiner)

"...pervert Anthony Weiner's laptop. Think about that. America's most sensitive secrets unlawfully sent, received, and exposed by Hillary Clinton, her staff, and Anthony Weiner."

"Hillary cannot lead a nation while crippled by a criminal investigation," the ad concludes. "Hillary Clinton – Unfit to serve."